Here are some frequently asked questions:

- Why are the custom icons not showing up?

This is because we developed against a slightly more updated version of nodeCanvas than the one which is currently on the asset store, so once these changes are put live by nodeCanvas' author, they your icons will appear as they do in our screenshots.

- Why are the movers moving off the map in the simple_move_to example?

This is a bug with NodeCanvas to do with prefab nested trees, this has been fixed in a beta given to developers however we expect the author will have fixed this in 1.5.5.

- I get an error saying that ConstantPath cannot be found and cannot run my project?

This is is because you are using the free version of A* Pathfinding and that does not have ConstantPath and other Pro features, so you need to enable polyfills, which can be found in the documentation. This will add some filler classes, which will allow the code to compile, you still cannot use the pro features but it allows them to exist

- Why are there no end to end actions like MoveTo, FollowPath etc?

This is because in most cases movement is not done in 1 single way, you would have different move logic if you were using RigidBodies with AddForce compared to a CharacterController or raw Transform manipulation. So we have left it open to you how you want to traverse the paths and move your entities. This also allows you to do whatever other actions are needed when moving, as you may need to animate, do collision checks, notify other entities etc. So if we were to do a simple MoveTo X,Y,Z method you would not have control over how it was moved, so we have made it as easy as possible to create a path and iterate it so the rest is up to you, although feel free to look in the examples for some actions or behaviours you can use yourself if you just want to get up and running quickly in a prototype.