Before you import the asset from the asset store make sure you have already imported the A* Pathfinding (Free or Pro) asset and nodeCanvas. Then just as you would any other asset just import it and it will automatically create a folder called NodeCanvasAddons where it will add the A* Pathfinding actions, you do not need the examples if you already know how to use the functionality contained however that is up to you.

For A* Free Users:

If you are using the free version then you will need to enable polyfills or you will get errors

within the project, to enable polyfills go to the "polyfills" folder and you should see a list

of files within there. The top line will have a commented out bit of code which looks like:

//#define IS_ASTAR_FREE


If you remove the // (uncomment) that line in each polyfill then your actions will work correctly.

This unfortunately is the only way in which we can support both pro and free versions with a

single package.


Once installed you will notice that when you create an action, you now have the A* Pathfinding and A* Pathfinding Pro sections in the drop down, as shown below.


You can then drop in any of these actions to use within nodeCanvas, there will be the same new sections for conditions which will allow you to create and iterate paths etc.

Other useful links:

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