Here are some frequently asked questions:

- Why are the custom icons not showing up?

This is because we developed against a slightly more updated version of nodeCanvas than the one which is currently on the asset store, so once these changes are put live by nodeCanvas' author, they your icons will appear as they do in our screenshots.

- The SetAxis method keeps complaining about keys not being set, what am I doing wrong?

This is because cInput requires you to set your keys first before they can be added to an axis, so set keys as done in the examples and then use your keys.

- I mainly use cInput through code, can I still make use of this addon?

That is up to you, but there are many helpful situations where you would want to check the status of keys or axis' within your behaviours, however you may want to ignore the setting of keys etc if you already do that in your code, and just use this for reading and/or updating of keys.