This is one of the problems of using a web based application. We have tried to mitigate the caching issues as best as possible however not all browsers adhere to caching in the same way although the steps are almost always the same for most browsers although the actual path may be different in other browsers.


  1. Press ctrl+shift+delete or go to the menu items history -> clear recent history
  2. Make sure you tick Cache, Offline Website Data
  3. Then press clear now, this may take a while depending on the time range you have picked
  4. Once done press ctrl+f5 to force refresh the page

  1. Press ctrl+shift+delete or go to the menu items Tools -> Clear Browsing Data
  2. Tick the Cached images and files button
  3. Then click clear browsing data
  4. Then refresh the page

Most other web browsers follow the same principle, once the cache has been deleted then next time you load the system it should request the latest version of the system to use.