Do I need to make an account to use the D20 Tools system?

Not at all, you can use the system without having an account or logging in, however certain functionality is only usable when logged in.  

Where are my characters saved?
Your characters are by default saved to your web browser using local storage, soon we will be turning on remote character storage so you are able to move characters to a cloud based storage system so you can access it on any device.  

Why doesn't the character sheet automatically calculate things for me?

Originally we did have an intelligent character sheet for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition and other sheets, but we were informed that as we are not using any official licenses we are not allowed to contain functionality which encroaches upon their game mechanics licenses. So rather than have a system that automatically does certain things and not others which would just be confusing, we opted with a bare bones character sheet which can be extended and customised on a per-user basis. So you are free to write/activate plugins that automate certain aspects of the character sheet as long as they do not implement specific mechanics copyrighted by the game system owners.

Do I need to pay to use the system?

Nope, you can use the system as much as you like for free providing you are happy with your characters being stored on your web browser. However if you start realising you need more functionality and access to your characters from other devices and systems, then we may be introducing paid services further down the line, but we will keep the core functionality free to all.  

Why can I not see my characters on any other computer/device or web browser?

This system is free for basic use because we make use of your browsers local storage to store your characters. This means that your browser (Firefox, Chrome etc) will store the files within their internal files, much like how cookies are stored. Due to this fact the characters will be stored on a per web browser, per computer basis. So if you were to use Chrome (which we highly recommend) and create a character and save it, then load up Firefox and go to the character selection screen you will not see any characters, because they are all saved within Chrome. Same result would apply if you were to create a character in Chrome on your computer then try to view it on a friends, you would not see any characters as it is unique to each browser on each computer. This is where Remote Character storage comes in, which is free to try for everyone but will be limited to how many remote character slots can be used, this may be expandable later by purchasing more character slots, however this is still not confirmed.  

What is this Remote Character storage you keep mentioning?

Remote Character storage is a way for you to persist individual characters in a cloud based data store, this functionality is only available to registered users. This is because we tie your user account to the given characters, so you will only be able to view them if you log into the system. Everyone can try this feature for free when it is turned on, which will allow each user to have a number of Remote Character slots available to persist local characters to. Then when you use the system on any other device you can pull down that remote character and use it locally. This feature may be expanded allowing users to purchase more character slots if they wish, more information will be given about this when the feature has been turned on and has been evaluated.  

What are plugins?

I am glad you asked! Plugins are one of the things that makes this system VERY flexible and good for the community. You are able to extend the system in any way you want, by either making your own plugins or using pre-made ones by other members of the community. Taking a step back, a plugin is a way for you to extend the existing functionality of the system, we have spent a LOT of time creating a system that can be extended in almost any way. It is your responsibility as a user to manage your plugins (via the plugin browser) and only activate plugins you are sure you can trust. We will release a lot more information on plugins as the community expands, to make one you will need a basic knowledge of xml and a working knowledge of Javascript.  

Why is the site broken when I try to use it?

There could be many reasons, but for the most part it will be a case of your web browser failing the DC on a HTML5 Skill Check. This system heavily uses some of the latest Html5 techniques and due to this only modern browsers will be supported. As it currently stands the system is still a bit raw so we have not done much work around warning the user if their browser does not support certain functionality which the system requires. You can check what aspects of HTML5/CSS3 your browser supports by heading on over to which will tell your detailed information on support. Pretty much all modern browsers and IE10 should work fine. Incase this isn't your issue then send us an email letting us know of the issue: