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Bookmarks in Campaigns


Your session has finished for the night and you realise that some really pivitol events occurred which you know you will end up having to flick back to later, or you reach a waypoint like section in your campaign and want to mark on the timeline that you have started a new quest or adventure.

The general gist of it is that it is a way for the GM to mark points in a campaign so that rather than trawling over the logs incrementally they can skip to that point in time and read the events that occurred around that period.

Proposed Implementation/Solution:

The GM should see an option at the end of every message to create a bookmark based off this message (as a message contains a timestamp of when it occurred). The GM should then be asked for a description for this bookmark and then a little icon should be shown somewhere on the campaign screen to notify this message as being a bookmarked one.

There should also be a list of each bookmark within the session to be shown either on an existing section such as campaign artifacts or within a new window specifically to display all bookmarks available. There should also be a bookmark displayed at the top/bottom of the list which is the current most up to date message in the campaign. 

Each of these bookmarks should allow the character to visit that timeline and see all the messages entered at that point in time, it should ideally display messages centred around this time, not just everything before this time like the normal navigation would do.

This way the GM and users can quickly re-visit important sections of the campaign quickly and then hop back to the main timeline, improving the whole process around viewing historical data. 

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This has been released to live.

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