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Embedded Picture Rollover Preview/Zoom

Scenario: Your DM posts a map of your existing game area, or a photo of a particular creature/scene. You want to get a better look at what's been posted without swapping to a separate window/tab (which is currently what happens if you click on the posted item).

Suggestion: Would it be feasible to code in a mouse over preview/pop up, which causes a larger version of the item to appear when hovered over, rather than creating a separate tab/window to view it in? Similar to the effect that occurs when you hover over a skills link in chat, which causes the corresponding skill card to appear?

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This should be simple enough to do, if you just want it to appear in a tooltip window like the embedded powers/feats etc then there will need to be a size constraint otherwise something like a 1000x1000 pixel image could then take up a large portion of your screen (depending on resolution). We could basically limit the image to be a maximum of 400 or so pixels, so for large images it will not be full size but would at least give you a better impression of what the image looks like without leaving the page.

I would recommend we still leave the existing behaviour too, but the mouse over behaviour would be easy enough to do if you are happy with it still scaling to a degree.

We are looking at implementing this feature within the next release.

This has been implemented within the next release.

The option was chosen to show the preview in the center of the screen and to enable this functionality for the artifacts, also the inline and artifact images have been reduced in size as the preview makes it easy enough to quickly view a larger sized version.

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