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Dnd4ed - FRWiki Linking


When in campaigns areas, creatures and magics are often mentioned however they are often used assuming the reader has knowledge of these things. In some cases people do not and it would be helpful to be able to link the given word to the FR Wiki.


An example would be doing something like:

"We were on our way to @fr:Derlusk when we were set upon by @fr:Goblins"

Which would ideally convert the word Derlusk into a link which would load in a new window directing to the reader to the article ( and the goblins would link to the relevant article (

Giving us the result:

"We were on our way to Derlusk when we were set upon by Goblins"

Luckily in most cases the wiki will handle singular or plural references (goblin/goblins) although it would require the user to know that the article existed first and also certain articles contain a hyphen or underscore to keep it URL friendly, this may need parsing out and replacing with a space on the link text.

Additional Information:

This sort of integration has been discussed before, but felt better left for plugins to handle, however if seen as a great benefit we could look into implementing it directly into the system for now with the idea of maybe moving it or enhancing it with plugins later.

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