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Private Messaging 'whispering'

If you needed to either converse with another player or the DM in private so as not to reveal some information key to you character  or something you’re planning.

Proposed Implementation/Solution:
if possible it’d be great to just have the same functionality as WoW. Wherein you type /w and then add in the player’s name afterwards (That’s Player name not Character) and then whatever is typed is considered a private message to the recipient.

It’d also be helpful to have some error trapping in case of misspelt names. I.e. so that if you mess up typing the player name it doesn't just post the message (as that could be bad). Maybe just have it so that it won’t post the message and you get the error message of ‘Cannot find player Grogit to whisper’ or something along those lines.

For the moment it would be fine if the posts just appeared within the chat log nestled between the others. So long as it’s easily identifiable (i.e. displayed as a pink text box or have some other form of highlight which helps identify it as private.). 

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Another good idea, would you say that private messages need to be persisted with the campaign or can just live for the lifetime of the page? For me I would say they can just be short lived messages which are not persisted with the campaign but would like your opinion on that.

Also as I could see nestling the pms in with the existing chat getting a little annoying we could look at adding a new tab in to store the private messages in if that would be better? as there is already a requirement for new tabs for the implementation of Timelines. Let me know your thoughts and will look at implementation time.

Hmm personally I'd prefer to have the messages persist. As I like the thought that all date / conversations which occur relating to the campaign will be logged and then stored for later access. 

As for the messages within the chat.  Yeah.. damn I hadn't thought of that, I guess it's all depended on the situation as to how annoying / intrusive the private messages would be within the main chat log. 

Like if there were only a few messages sent (with something like 3 messages every few hours) then it wouldn't look as bad. But if you were having a full blown conversation with someone in private (20+ posts spread out over about 30 minutes) I can see how that would just ruin the flow of the chat logs to the ones involved.

Yeah I guess upon reflection maybe private messages within the main chat log could pose some problems.

Yes I do like the idea of separate chat tabs (something like that would be great for times when the groups decides to be difficult and split up), but at the same time I'm not too keen on the idea of being distracted away from the main story (which is why I originally liked the idea for in messages within the chat log).

Hmm is it going to far to suggest some kind of toggle switch to show and hide private messages. Damn.. now I'm not sure.. actually could check with my players (we're having a session tonight funnily enough) and I'll get back to you with their opinion.

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