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Problems with latest code

I bought your asset yesterday and had problems with it and the latest version of A* (free) and NodeCanvas.

The DuplicatePath function has compile errors because the ABPath class has changed in AStar, with radius, speed and a couple other variables no longer existing, and pathID is now private and can't be assigned directly. 

After fixing these and a few problems with the polyfill classes (I had to add using UnityEngine and using System.Collections.Generic to the top of the classes) I was able to compile. 

However, the FollowPathBehavior NodeCanvas behavior tree is not working, it seems to just be empty. My guess is a change in NodeCanvas has made it so it no longer loads. 

I recreated what I think the FollowPathBehavior should look like since my guess is that it was a very simple behavior with an iterator through the path vectors and move toward waypoint actions. But, because of this very simple problem none of the examples worked.

You might want to spend an hour or so fixing these issues and resubmitting the asset so your customers have a working asset right off the hop.



Marking this as fixed, feel free to re-raise either on here or as a ticket if needed.


So one thing I forgot to ask was what version of unity you were using, it seems to be a moot point now but I just saw a review on the asset store saying that example scenes don't work in Unity 5, which seems odd. So after I released the new version to the asset store I went to check if it would just work via the Unity 5 upgrade system (when the box pops up and asks if you want to upgrade your scripts to unity 5) as it used to run fine in Unity 5 without any changes.

So anyway I did that, and there were some errors from NC related to __ALLNODES__ and some other bits, but they seem be be ignorable as I just cleared the errors and ran all the scenes in Unity 5 (without any changes) and it all ran fine. I checked all the NC trees and they all seem fine and how they should be.

So anyway if you are using unity 5, can you try the latest 2.0.1 version which is going to hit the asset store shortly, it has a few minor updates since your 2.0.1 preview version, and try that.

I will give it a week and if I have not heard anything I will assume the issue is fixed.


I raised this as a ticket (linked to the post) and sent you a preview version with the fixes a few hours ago, if you didn't get it let me know and I will get it to you another way to try.

Sorry for an inconvenience, I am sure you just want to get on and develop your game.


Thanks for letting us know, the assets on the asset store are constantly changing and breaking backwards compatibility.

Will take a look now and get back to you shortly with a fixed version, can you confirm if its the A* on the asset store you are using or A* on the website? as I know Aron has been a bit slow when it comes to updating the Asset Store version so it's a tricky one for me as I have to support the version on the asset store.

Anyway leave it with me, will get back to you shortly and assuming it all works for you I can push a new version out to the Asset Store for everyone else.

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