Some Redevelopment

As always we are looking to where we want to be further down the line and our current system is functionally ok but we have been wanting to move over to a simpler back end so we can make other game systems quicker and add more functionality to all game systems without having to make the change in multiple places.

So as part of this work we are currently investing most of our development teams time into redesigning the overall architecture, so there may not be too many web releases other than critical fixes while we concentrate on this.

Please keep raising bugs and feature requests, as once we have ironed out the technical issues we will be right back to making the system better to use for everyone.

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Just to keep you all in the loop this is still an ongoing process, we have improved almost all aspects of the system and also added pages to the campaigns to allow you to track progress and provide custom wiki-like information per campaign. We still have no timeline for release.