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DM option - Reward players


So say the players have just completed a battle and it's time for the DM to reward them, it's at that point that the DM would post the EXP, and then if the players loot they will find gold and items which will be listed and posted into the chat as and when they happen.

Proposed Implementation/ Solution:

For EXP:

In the character details (or Characters Active in Campaign screen) it'd be great if the DM had the option to click say a button and then send EXP directly to the player which would then be reflected on the Character sheet and in their EXP bar.

Further comments:

You could also expand past EXP into say items and have it so the DM could type in what item the players have acquired and then send it straight to the character so that it appears in their sheet.

Granted these changes make the interactions a lot less player involved (as the player would not need to manualy edit their sheets with the exception of leveling up and skills etc) and this would make it almost game like. But, if for say future changes the players would receive notices (like the login popups) to tell them they've received like 150xp or their exp / health bars moved slightly to reflect any changes that are made in real time I think that'd make it more engaging in it's own way.

Not sure if this is functionally or a direction that you'd like to take, but there's no harm in suggesting right?

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This is something we have thought about for a while, and it is still on our todo list, however the sticking point comes when you have different game systems. Dungeons and Dragons and most others have the notion of XP, whereas some do not they have some other system which is calculated differently. Also items, feats, powers should all be open to GM/DM to be able to gift players if it helps the story, but automating of the process becomes tricky because not every game system has those notions and if they do they contain different types of data, so you need to be able to come up with a generic way of being able to display the information needed to the GM for each game system.

That being said its not too hard to do, its just it needs to be implemented per game system, not at the d20 system level if that makes sense. As behind the scenes we have our overall system which handles the concepts of characters, campaigns, chapters regardless of the game system, then each game system within the d20 system implements its own handlers for certain things, as a WFRP character looks completely different to a DND4ED character.

Anyway XP I think is something we can look at introducing on DND4ED to start with, and seeing how best to fit that to other game systems, as this is where plugins can really offer flexibility however we have not made a repository for storing plugins yet so it is down to individuals to host and make them but there is little guidance on how to do so currently.

Leave it with us, I will put it down as something we will take on board as it is something that often happens in sessions and is easy to automate, its just finding the best way to do so.

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