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Navigating Timeline bug

Browser: Chrome

Hi, I'm currently experiencing some major difficulty with the timeline navigating.

On the main timeline if I click on the 'view previous entries' button it only goes up one post at a time and when it does the chat window scrolls down to the bottom of the page meaning if I wanted to go back say 10 posts I would have to keep scrolling up every time which isn't really ideal. Would prefer it if it jumped back say 10 posts at a time (at least that way I could backtrack quicker)

Then if I navigate back down it starts to bug out and wont go back down, some times it just keeps reposting the same chat post as oppose to moving.

And then on alternate timelines (which I love the idea of) I can't navigate at all with them. When I go to continue a campaign the chat log is always empty and then when I click on the see previous entries it does eventually show them but I have the same problem as with the main timeline where it starts to duplicate posts and then wont move past that point. (See attached image).

If you need any more information about what I did or what's happening let me know.

The default behaviour is to go back 50 entries, so for example if you were at the 250th entry out of 500 and pressed back it should then load 200-250 and show you them. If it is not doing so then there must be an actual glitch. There is a known issue where if you have a large amount of dialog in one timeline and not in any others and you go back to it then there may be pages of empty results before you get to the last ones, but that is mainly due to the way the timelines work and this is currently getting an overhaul.

Thanks for the feedback will try to replicate and get back to you once we have a fix in the works.

This should hopefully be fixed in the next release as the entire logic around previous and next paging has been changed, I will mark it as fixed but if it occurs again just append to this ticket.

Just tried it now and switching between timelines now works perfectly, so thank you for sorting that! The real test will be tonight at the weekly DnD session, so I shall report back here if anything . 

Navigating through the posts still seems to be a bit iffy but I'd need to do a bit more testing to see what seems to be causing it as it seems quite random atm.

I am opening this bug back up as I got a problem going back and forward when testing today, so there is still an outstanding issue, although its specifically with previous and next messages not the timelines.

This should all be resolved as part of the new version.

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