21/02/14 - Web System Release

We have released the next major version of the system to the live servers adds the new features below:

Add support for campaign concurrent timelines (Multiple Chat Tabs)


Include identifier for Edited posts.


Bookmarks in Campaigns


Have online indicator for other players


Dnd4ed - Add a way to sort powers


We have also updated some core components of the system to support the mobile client which should hopefully be released as a beta soon.

The following bug fixes are in the release:

Dnd4ed - No proficiency score for attacks/weapons


Like with all new releases please make sure you clear your browser cache (not local/app storage) if you have any problems, then if they persist after a cache refresh report in the bugs forum.

There is currently an issue with one of our api services, this is causing issues with the dashboard onwards. We hope to have this resolved shortly.

The issues have now been resolved and the system should be fully online again.

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